Organic Balloon Design Courses - Leeds

Trade (ex-VAT): £85.00
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Location - Leeds Branch (69 Upper Accommodation Road, Leeds, LS9 8LS)

Dates Available:

Wedensday 5th June - 9am - 3pm (PLACES AVAILABLE)

Includes - Lunch and Refreshments

Course Details

In this very popular class, you will discover simple ways to create the most popular Organic designs including Topiaries, Demi-arches, hoops and Garlands.  Organic designs are asked for more and more by clients and you need to be able to offer high quality decor to keep your customers coming back year after year.

The picture shown is a creation that was made on this same course last year - absolutely stunning!

It is often thought that Organic design is a case of sizing each balloon individually, and therefore very time consuming – but this class will show that by applying specific methods and formulas the whole process can be simple, quick and easy.